Engage your community by bringing forward its stories and truths. 

Dan’s playful exercises help people explore and express themselves through art.

There’s no pre-requisite—whatever level of experience in theater and writing, all are welcome and encouraged to participate.   

Add a workshop to any performance to deeply integrate Dan’s visit to your community.

His workshop on writing plays and performing pieces was so incredibly engaging and useful. I was terrified and self-conscious of such exercises at first, but Dan made sure none of us felt judged. It didn’t take long until I was having a blast.

Two Workshop Options


Personal Narratives & Open-Mic

In this one-day workshop, participants will explore themselves deeply; write narratives with truth, honesty, and compassion; and can present them at an open-mic event in the evening.

Maximum Workshop Participants: No limit.


Playwriting Intensive & Performance

In this two-day intensive, Dan guides participants through the process of creating short plays, including exercises in playwriting, acting, and performance. The participants will also collaborate in small groups to create staged readings and performances of their plays.

The compressed nature of the intensive teaches participants about collaboration, teamwork, communication, time management, and quick thinking.

Maximum Workshop Participants: 24.

You taught me a lot about the craft of writing, but you taught me so much about accepting all emotions. You taught me how to accept my feelings, accept myself, and turn it into some beautiful art. I will never forget that. Thank you.​

Who is Dan Bernitt?


Dan Bernitt is an award-winning playwright, performer, and teaching artist.

Hailed as “one of America’s next great monologists,” he’s been performing and touring his work in venues across the United States since 2004. He’s also performed internationally in Ireland and Italy.

A recipient of the Robert Chesley Award for Lesbian and Gay Playwriting, his books, Dose: Plays & Monologues and Phi Alpha Gamma, were named finalists for the Lambda Literary Award.

Regularly a guest teaching artist at colleges and universities, he has served on the faculty at Amherst College and Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts and is currently assistant professor at Christian Brothers University in Memphis.


You encouraged me to find my voice in a way that I had never imagined. Your prompts and speeches led me to new edges I didn’t know existed for myself, and I’m glad to say that I have confidence in tackling them after working with you.

Dan let me see that even if I’m writing about a topic people would turn away from or would hate me for it that it was okay to write it. He let me know that I can write about my culture even when most people would shut me out and ignore the words that I had written. He encouraged me to write more about it and let the world know that I cannot silence my voice.

Dan was honest and encouraged all of us to open up and be honest with ourselves and in our writing. This helped not only our art, but also our mindsets.

Dan broke down walls we didn’t even know we had, got us to feel strong emotions, and then channeled those emotions into our writing. He taught us how to dig deep within ourselves so that our audience can feel what we feel.

Give your community an opportunity to say the same.

Programs Available For Your Campus

Now booking for the 2021-2022 academic year

Individual Performance

Present one performance of Phi Alpha Gamma, and, immediately following the play, Dan Bernitt or a member of your community will facilitate an audience Q&A and discussion

Performances + Workshops

Hosting multiple performances and adding workshops or class visits help to more deeply integrate the play and Dan Bernitt's visit to your campus. Using theater and writing workshops, your students will broaden their worldview by exploring themselves and different perspectives

Artist Residency​

For the greatest impact on your campus community, combine Dan Bernitt's solo performances Phi Alpha Gamma and Yelling at Bananas in Whole Foods with a writing and performance workshop for your students to generate a deeper discussion over several days

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