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Showcasing 5 Projects

University Season Marketing

As an undergraduate, I designed a season brochure for the University of Kentucky’s Department of Theater, as well as flyers for each production.

Advertorial Layouts

Know Theatre of Cincinnati wanted a four-page advertising insert in a weekly magazine to look like it wasn’t paid content.

I closely followed the magazine’s design layout and typography to make it appear to be a feature article.

(Show images were provided by a photographer and separate designer.)

Posters & Postcards

I’ve also regularly made posters and postcards for Les Kurkendaal, a touring monologist, and for my own performances at theatre festivals.

For Kurkendaal’s postcards, these were designed with the goal of looking nice printed in grayscale, while fitting four cards to a standard sheet of paper.

Artist Websites

Since 2007 I’ve been the webmaster for performance artist Tim Miller and author Alistair McCartney. They’re each other’s partner, and I wanted their websites to have similar, but distinctive, designs.